Why I Am A Criminal Defense Lawyer

I believe in our justice system. Unlike previous social institutions and in some ways unlike any other country in the world, the United States of America gives the individual freedom and right of innocent until proven guilty.

I represent every feasible client that walks into my office to the best of my abilities. Everybody makes mistakes, some worse than others. Sometimes, the mistake may be made in the heat of the moment. My job is not to judge my potential clients. Rather, I consider it my professional responsibility to present a thorough situational understanding of the particular case at hand to my client in clear, transparent ways. Then, fighting a defensive strategy that best affects the outcome of your case–and ultimately, your future.

People usually come to me once a charge is filed in Orange County or surrounding towns. Criminal charges can vary from misdemeanors to felonies. Misdemeanors, which are less severe crimes, are punishable by up to one year in jail, and usually involve probation. When faced with a misdemeanor, citizens can usually be given fines or community service in lieu of jail time. In addiction, if time is waived, then by the time that the sentence is passed, credit can usually be applied and the convicted person will be let go. On the other hand, felonies are more serious and punishable with at least one year, to be served in prison. There are usually options such as parole, but felonies generally require some time in prison. Each case is unique and a good attorney understands how to navigate thee waters and bring his client to safety in a cost-effective, timely matter.

Attorneys also help defendants maneuver through the justice system. Papers to be filed, court dates, all of these are handled by our office. Because of my practice, I am also familiar with trial litigation. The TV court dramas make it look amazing, though in reality being in court is much more about paying attention to the little details of the law and the justice system.

During a trial, the defense attorney’s job is very simple. The task they have at hand is to develop what is called reasonable doubt. This means that the jury can reasonably speculate that another person could have committed the crime. If a jury cannot find a defendant guilty beyond reasonable doubt, then the defendant has to be found not guilty. Therefore the presence of the attorney can truly determine if the defendant is released or sentenced. The attorney plays a vital role in criminal defense. It is for this reason that the American justice system provides an attorney, free of charge, if the defendant cannot afford one.

I hope you enjoy visiting our site and find the information you need. All inquiries via calls and our form to the right will be answered by our offices within 24 hours.


-David P. Schwarz