Car Accident Crimes

Car accident crimes can be especially serious offenses. Typically, the seriousness of the charge depends upon the extent of damage caused. When referring to damage, we are referring to property damage as well as harm caused to another person.

Although DUI and vehicular homicide are often car accident crimes that get the most attention, they are not the only types of vehicular crimes. Quite the opposite in fact. In California, people can be charged with speeding and other traffic violations such as reckless driving and street racing. Additionally, people can be charged with driving without a license, stemming from a suspension, revocation, or never having a license at all. Carjackings, hit and runs, and vehicular homicides, however, tend to be the most serious of all car accident crimes. DUI can be put into that category as well but in many instances, hit and runs and vehicular homicides are allegedly the results of DUI offenses.

Car accident crime charges can be particularly problematic, not only because of the potential legal repercussions, but also because of the potential employment and quality of life repercussions of license suspension, for instance, is a penalty. In areas in which public transportation is virtually non-existent, losing one’s license can provide considerable employment challenges.

Aggravating factors can present you with additional obstacles, since such factors will likely contribute to the elevation of your charges. For instance, having a prior criminal history that includes DUI can be an aggravating factor in a vehicular homicide. As such, you need attorneys who know how to defend you in a way that does not sweep any potential criminal history under the rug, but offers to appropriately explain it and present you in the best light. An undiagnosed mental illness that is the cause of impulsive driving behavior, for instance, can serve as a mitigating factor in a car accident case. However, in order to present the best defense, you must hire attorneys who not only know the law, but who are also knowledgeable about related fields, e.g. psychology and criminology, in order to offer a defense that presents you as an individual deserving of a full evaluation of the facts surrounding the alleged crime(s) and your background rather than a presumption that you are a problem driver and loose cannon.