Car accident Case Types

Personal Injury vs. Property Damages

Cases involving motor vehicle accidents can result in two types of cases, specifically lawsuits; those that involve personal injury and those involving damage to property.  So, to be clearer, these cases involve when a person has been injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident as well as when property has been damaged as a result of an accident.

Property damage can include, but is not limited to damage to personal affects, public property such as light poles, cable lines, or private property, etc. if hit in a collision, etc.  Additionally, property damage can also encompass the financial aspect that accidents cause such as motor vehicle repairs, the cost of replacing a vehicle damaged by an accident, towing fees, etc.

Personal injury damages are a bit more involved because you’re no longer dealing with damage to an inanimate object but rather, to a person, elevating the degree of seriousness of the situation.  Personal injury damages can include costs incurred for emergency room services, the cost of traveling to a hospital by ambulance, the general costs associated with medical treatment resulting from an accident, costs incurred as a result of injuries and disabilities incurred by accidents, etc.  Additionally, depending upon the nature of an accident, including its severity, seeking to be compensated for psychological damage such as pain and suffering is quite possible.

Additionally, injury can be perceived along personal and financial/occupation lines.  If a person has lost wages due to an accident or suffered inter-spousal relations, for instance, there can be reason to make a claim of damage as the issues experienced would not have happened arguably except for an accident.  In order to protect oneself from a lawsuit resulting from an accident that involves these types of damages, skilled legal counsel is needed to assess the facts and produce a defense that offers an alternate account of an accident.  For instance, even if you were the one who rear-ended a car, with the passengers being substantially injured, was the driver of that car at fault for engaging in illegal or dangerous conduct such as text messaging, talking on the phone, looking up directions, etc.?

These are questions that our attorneys would look into so as to construct a defense that is built on fact as well as recognition that often, it is not one party that is at fault.  As such, defending oneself against a lawsuit is truly a task of uncovering lots of pertinent information that can be used as a shield.  Call on us, to steer to this task, and let you rest easier.