Sexual Assault Charges

A sexual assault is when an individual is to play a sexual act on another person. The person who is doing the sexual assault will threaten or force the other person against his or her own will. If there is any type of touching another person without his or her consent, this is determined to be a sexual assault. Sexual assaults can vary, such as rape, attempted rape, sexual harassment, forced kissing, groping, torture, vaginal penetration, and even child sexual abuse.

Rape is a type of sexual assault; rape is when a person involves another individual in sexual intercourse without his or her consent. Attempted rape is when an individual attempts to have sexual relations with another without their consent, but he or she gets away or the individual doing the attempted rape gets caught. Child sexual abuse is when a minor is touched inappropriately by an adult, or an adult has child pornography at his or her home, or even when a child is raped. Sexual harassment is when an individual is bullied in a sexual nature, such as pressuring for dates, rubbing against a person, snapping a female’s bra, indecent exposure, along with unwanted grabbing of an individual’s body. Groping is when an individual is to touch another or fondling him or her with his or her hands without that person’s consent.There are different types of sexual assaults that can happen to individuals, and there are lawyers who are there for these people, to listen, and help. Statistics show that ever two minutes in the United States an individual is getting sexually assaulted, which means there are around 207,754 victims of sexual assault a year, (“Statistics,” 2009). There are lawyers who are in the category for sex crimes. These lawyers are here to listen and to make sure that an individual is to get a free trial for the crime they are a suspect in. In each state and city there are different types of lawyers an individual can choose from, depending what lawyer someone uses will depend on his or her budget along with the crime that he or she did. When concerning sex crimes, such as a sexual assault a lawyer who specializes in sex crime will help, he or she will listen to the case, look into the case, and do what is best for his or her client.

If an individual is a victim of a sex crime, there are certain lawyers to help; along with if they are a suspect of a sexual crime there are lawyers that will help them on his or her case also. Sex crimes are serious crimes and can affect an individual for his or her entire lives, it is important to seek help where it is needed.

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