Domestic Crime Cases

Domestic crimes, e.g. assault and battery, child abuse, sexual battery, are crimes that have landed in the public eye over the last decade and rightly so.  Harming one’s loved ones is an egregious act, especially if children are involved.  However, being charged with harming a loved one is rarely, if ever, a simple matter.  More often than not, because of the inherent emotionally-driven nature of familial and spousal relations, logic and reason often does not prevail in domestic violence incidents.  Consequently, what many of the accused discover is that words and accounts of their incidents become twisted by the other party or described incorrectly by an upset witness, for instance, resulting in the leveling of unjust or inappropriate charges for crimes that they either did not commit, or that perhaps they committed, but in proportionate response to the actions of their opposing loved one.  Clearly, in such situations, the truth is not so easy to uncover.

As such, we look at your domestic violence case from an open-minded perspective, looking for inconsistencies in the other party or parties’ accounts of what transpired.  Many times, the people involved in the incident are confused about what transpired, so you can only imagine the confusion concerning the particulars of incidents when judges and juries become involved.  Consequently, we do our expert best to review and analyze the discovery information in your case to find areas that point towards the possibility of an outright dismissal of your case, a reduction of charges, or an acquittal, if the matter proceeds to trial.  In such cases, which are fundamentally driven by emotion and passion, we stay level-headed in order to best represent you.