Child Abuse Charges

There are few crimes that arise such hostility from people as crimes against children; crimes such as child abuse in its various forms, e.g. physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, etc., shocks the consciences of most.  To be truthful, there is a reason why even among criminals, the code of conduct looks down upon those who harm children, and even saying that is an understatement.  However, while child abuse is a terrible act that can irreparably damage a child physically and psychologically, false accusations concerning such abuse is also terrible, especially in light of the very real legal and social consequences that can stem from such a charge and especially from such a conviction.  No one wants to see innocent people go to jail or prison, and that is all the more heightened for those accused of harming children, because they can be subject to vigilante justice behind bars.  Therefore, having competent legal counsel in such a matter is of the utmost importance.

Child abuse convictions can wreck your life, to put it mildly.  Such convictions can dictate where you can live, where you can work, whom you can have relationships with (if a partner has children, for instance).  You can face jail or prison times, fines, and fees related to tracking devices and offender registries, depending upon the nature and severity of the crimes for which you are convicted.  To avoid the worst from becoming reality, hiring a defense attorney who is well-versed in such matters can bring clarity to a tough situation as well as reduced penalties, and even an acquittal depending upon the particulars of your case.

We know all too well that often, allegations of child abuse are the result of an accident, parental discipline framed in a way that makes any measure of physical discipline a seemingly capital act, etc. We will do everything in our power to present you in the best light, and present a defense that does not make light of the facts, but nevertheless defends you in the most credible way possible.