Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence charges are serious. Being charged with such an offense can have negative legal, employment, and social consequences. You could face fines, imprisonment, probation, the loss of your right to possess a firearm (and other weapons), for instance. As such, you need counsel that offers defense that is legally sound and that presents you in the most favorable light, effectively providing reputable “P.R.” in a criminal matter long known to revolve around how people are perceived. By effectively representing you, we can possibly have your charges reduced to disturbing the peace. While this is not a solution for every case, you would be surprised to know how many cases are not the severe, crime drama show presentation the media would like so many to believe that they are. We also look at evidence to see if your charges can be dismissed based on insufficient evidence as well as insufficient probable cause. Disturbing the peace charges, a reduction of charges, or an acquittal of charges are all possibilities. If a matter is reduced to encompass disturbing the peace, it is often because of one of the following factors were found to have taken place but not rise to the level of seriousness officially charged:

  • Using offensive words in public likely to provoke an immediate reaction
  • Fighting
  • Maliciously making unreasonable noises
  • “Better” than a felony, disturbing the peace is charged either as a misdemeanor or an infraction. Because these are lesser offenses, the consequent sanctions are lesser as well – a win-win situation.

Restraining Orders and Modifications

A good deal, if not most, of those charged with domestic violence offenses, are also subject to restraining orders, mandating that they stay a certain distance away from the complainant(s) in their cases. Such an order will prohibit you from making any contact with the person for whom the order has been implemented to protect. If the restraining order bars you from contacting your spouse or a previous partner, this can also likely mean it will bar you from seeing your children, presumably because they will be in the care of the complainant(s). Consequently, restraining orders are not a joke, and moreover, violating them merely elevates the seriousness of the matter. Even if you do not agree with a restraining order being ordered against you, it is in your best interest to comply with it. That is the best way to reach a reasonable resolution to the criminal matter you face, and to having a judge remove such an order sooner rather than later.
One of our knowledgeable attorneys can help you understand the particulars of your restraining order. We can specifically assist you by working with you to get your order modified, so you have greater liberties, including greater mobility, which is not hindered by the terms of such an order. Doing this can sometimes include taking various anger management courses, so as to help you create an environment that is conducive for more productive and non-violent forms of communication, helping you to more quickly reclaim your life.