Drug Crimes

Living in Orange County, California the laws are very strict when someone is charged with possession charges of marijuana and other illegal substances, including prescribed pills. You will have charges against you and with these charges of possession in Orange County, you will most certainly be in jail. The time or length of time will be up to the judge, and the type of drug you had in your possession.

Orange County is by far known as the most prosecuting county for drug crimes. This means that if found in possession your chances of not being prosecuted is slim to none. Possession of a controlled substance becomes criminalized by The Health & Safety Code Sections 11350 and 11377.Certain controlled substances can and will never become legal to possess. The difference between ‘Controlled substances’ and ‘ Narcotic drugs’, is a simple term used when classifying the specific drug or substances that are used for drug’s. The drugs such as,Stimulants
Hallucinogens, or

Marijuana, however, is excluded from this type of law. Marijuana offenses, such as use of or possession of marijuana is regulated under a totally separate law. Known as the California Marijuana Laws.

Being in possession of prescription drugs are illegal under certain circumstances. Illegally using, being under the influence of prescription drugs, and having prescriptions not prescribed to you is cause enough to be in violation of the Health and Safety Code 11550 HS; states “ Using and/or being under the influence of controlled substance.”

There is a very important part to know about prescription drugs laws. The charges vary on this law , as to the time frame you last used the prescription drugs. For example, if you had just used the day of arrest or within no more than four-days prior to being arrested it makes a difference in court and the charge. If it had been five days or more since use of controlled substances the courts will not convict you.

Additionally, there is another important link to this law. The courts are aware that if you used currently, you will not be in withdrawal. If, however, you are suffering withdrawal then this proves to the courts and prosecution that you have obviously not used recently because withdrawals mean your body is trying to adjust to be without drugs. Indicating any drug use was in the past. Why is this important to know? It’s important to know because if you fall under the circumstances than you are entitled to an acquittal of the charges. This only works if you only are charged with controlled substances. Not other drugs or drug paraphernalia.